The Revenge of Analog – David Sax


I was looking for something nonfiction after a few months of reading exclusively fiction books. This gem caught my eye at the library. I think it helped that I’m, at least theoretically, into analog things.

Quick Thoughts

This book made me want to buy a record player, a film camera, start my own indie magazine and have it printed and sold across the country, and delete my facebook account once and for all.

As the title suggests, the book discusses the return of analog. But more specifically, the books talks about the ways that businesses are starting to return to analog products as opposed to staying exclusively digital and the reasons for this trend. The 240ish page book talks about analog’s comeback in a few different industries and the importance of analog things in today’s society.


Definitely read! Especially if:

  • You like analog things (like books – I know you all like books!)
  • Nonfiction books about social trends are your jam
  • You’re not super into the move toward all things digital and the idea that digital is always better
  • You are 90% sure you want to buy a film camera or a record player but need the extra push to do so



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