Purity – Jonathan Franzen


A less random pick from the library. Though I wasn’t particulary seeking out the book, I’ve read some of Franzen’s other works (The Corrections, Freedom) and was eager to pick up this one once I saw it on the shelf.

Quick Thoughts


Really great story. I was hooked from within the first twenty pages, which doesn’t happen often. Like Freedom and The CorrectionsPurity deals with (and, arguably, critiques) aspects of family life, but the way the story unfolds felt really different from the other two books. His prose just flows, ya know?

After reading, I really wanted to read more about socialism (and the revolutions) in the Eastern Bloc. And I wanted to be a journalist. So there’s that, too.


With the exception of a portion in the middle, this book was a page-turner and is another one I’m definitely recommending to friends. Read it if:

  • you’ve read Franzen’s other stuff
  • themes related to post-WWII East Germany, information leaking, and journalism in the age of information overload interest you
  • you’re into semi-twisted (read: pretty twisted) love stories
  • you’re going on vacation soon (I really think this would be a great one to read over the course of a week or a long-weekend)



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